Executive Director  
Jayla Baxter, MBA, MDiv, CLC

Jayla The Self-Esteem Queen™ is known for her ability to get people out the “victim” mindset immediately. From surviving sex trafficking and familial sexual abuse as a honor roll high-school student to becoming an internationally recognized rescuer of sex-trafficked teens and runaways, inspirational speaker, author, teen and young adult mentor, and certified life coach, Jayla “The SEQ” uses her experience with trials to mentor, minister, and coach people all over the World. One of today’s leading experts in prevention work with teens who are learning how to cope with and overcome suicidal thoughts, depression, self-mutilation, teen pregnancy, and alcohol & opiate use, Jayla specializes in mentoring youth from all areas of life.  Jayla’s mission in life is to teach individuals how to be better Human Beings.

She is the author is Dear Diary: A Letter To my Sister  - her personal harrowing story of life as a sex-trafficked teen. Mentored by Yolanda King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jayla is endorsed by numerous national and international organizations, school districts, and non-profits.

Jayla currently resides in California with her twins and dog Spectacular where she coaches, speaks, and mentors full time.