The Self Esteem Queen on The Trisha Goodard Show

The Self Esteem Queen on The Trisha Goodard Show

Watching you on Trisha!! Feeling so bad for these young ladies..Thanks for all you do! Keep up the Great Work!
— Shawn Bullocks
I almost gave up on my life, and then I saw you on TV and I decided my life isn’t all that bad. I don’t want to end up in jail or without my family. Thank you from a 15 year old girl from Oklahoma.
— Nickey Estrada

Thank you Jayla for all the help you’ve given my daughter since the Maury Show. She has shown steady improvement since you started mentoring her, and I will be forever grateful.
— Marcia

During our daily ride home, Jewel and I would converse about the topics and daily activities. You have not only intrigued her mind, you have penetrated her soul. She will think about every action she takes from this week forward and how it will affect her.
— Keisha Hooper


I must say watching you today on Maury brought tears of joy to my eyes. To know that there are people in this world doing work for God warms my heart. I’m thankful for the day you sent me your book, and I am honored that I have learned from you and grown because of you. You live up to your name and are a true woman of God.
— Candiece A. Bailey
Cameron shared that Jayla’s life experience story she shared with the group was deep, she had been through so much, and he and his peers were touched by her story. Thanks for being up front and honest, not sugar coating the truth and shining at the same time.
— Dee Dee Small-Hayes