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You Are The Answer™ is a program for youth ages 6-21 designed to eradicate hopelessness, heal the pain that caused it, and reignite what our young people have within them.  We call this their "Blueprint for Success."



Our Mission:

  • To transform each youths’ mindset so that they feel more personal responsibility and accountability.
  • Development and maintenance of the skills needed to maintain a high self-esteem in their lives.
  • To assist teens in creating a foundation of ethics and values that serve them in being more productive individuals and society members.
  • To allow a place of trust and safety where teens can talk and identify past hurts and resentments.
  • To give teens tools and techniques that will assist them in clearer communication with other youth and adults as well as give them ways to set and accomplish personal goals.
  • To create an atmosphere where teens can make friends and enjoy open and honest relationships with each other.